Vaulter can provide the advice, consulting and general guidance that your business needs to navigate the minefield of IT.  From multi-vendor, cross technology mega-projects to just some simple good advice, let Vaulter be your guide!

  • Virtual CTO
    A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is someone who steers EXTERNAL facing technology (products, websites, e-commerce, etc) for a company. Unfortunately, most smaller companies don’t have one.  SMB’s often can’t afford to hire a full time CTO, and that is where Vaulter’s Virtual CTO service comes in. As your vCTO for your company, Vaulter helps set the visible technology direction for your company.  Need an app that shows the best of what you have to offer?  Need a website project managed so that your message gets across?  Vaulter will take these time consuming tasks off your plate!
  • Virtual CIO
    A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is someone who steers INTERNAL facing technology (network, servers, workstations, mobile devices, applications) for a company. Just as in the case of the CTO, most smaller companies don’t have a CIO. As the vCIO for your company, Vaulter will work directly with you to meet your office space, functionality, and budget requirements, ensuring that your complete technology solution is an excellent fit.
  • Technology Projects
    Everyday IT is important, but so are the one-off projects that pop up throughout the year.  Looking for a new application vendor, but don’t have the time to do a bake-off to find out who the best is?  Wanting to do an analysis on your telecom vendors to find out if you are getting the best bang for your internet/phone buck?  Vaulter has experience in project management, execution and research.  Don’t try to go it alone!  Whether it’s telecom or application, server or workstation, we can manage and execute the project so you can concentrate on your business.
  • Vendor Management
    It’s hard to keep track of your technology these days.  Your workstation is made by one company, but your server is from another.  Your iPad and iPhone have data plans from two different telecom companies.  ”Where is my warranty?”  ”Who handles my office phones?” Your printer works, unless you say something nasty about it in another room, then it creates a “Paper Jam”, and you have no idea who manages it.  We keep all of your vendor account information in one location so that we can handle your vendors directly. Additionally, if you need new equipment or upgrades, we can order everything for you directly!
  • Solution Architecture
    A Solutions Architect is a very experienced technology professional with cross-domain, cross-functional and cross-industry expertise.  Vaulter takes business problems, and where applicable, goes across technologies, verticals and vendors to tailor an all-encompassing, economical custom solution for your issues.  If you have a problem, yo, we’ll solve it.  But solving it isn’t always enough, it has to be documented and maintained!  Vaulter brings in years of Solution Architecture experience to make sure that not only the problem is fixed, but it is done within your guidelines and is documented for everyone!