The Vaulter Story:

What/who/why is Vaulter?  Vaulter is a new type of technology company started in 2012 (but conceived long before that) by Danny Wheeler, a nerd and entrepreneur in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

From the CEO:

First, our name.  What exactly is a vaulter?  The term “Vaulter” refers to a Pole Vaulter, something I was in my high school years in West Texas.  Pole Vaulting then (and now) was an odd thing to be interested in, as the local religion was and still is football.  I did that too, but during the 115 degree Texas summer sweating through 2-a-day workouts, all I could think about was jumping 15 feet in the air (and also air conditioning).  What I loved so much about the vault, other than track and field being a nice COOL spring sport, was that an ordinary man, with right training, technique and tools, could leap 3 times his height or more.  It was a rush, but it also seemed like one of the purest art forms.  All the components, working together, with an explosive trip up into the clouds.  It required an ability to do quite a few things at once, but when done correctly, there are very few things more awesome in the sporting world, or anywhere for that matter, than the pole vault.  I may be a bit biased.

Fast forward a dozen years.  I fell in love with computing and shiny things, and left my athletic days behind me.  I had spent some time in small and big IT groups, in companies from 3 to over 100,000 employees.  I love small business, so I never really felt at home in the multi-national technology conglomerates, but it was the natural progression, so I climbed the ladder.  Along the way, I gathered a small but very loyal group of clients that allowed me to maintain their IT for them, part-time.  ”Scratching the itch”, I guess.  In return for their trust, I treated their networks and data as though it were my very own.  I loved that I could make almost an immediate difference within a small company, but change in the large IT environments could take months or even years.  Unfortunately, small businesses were still constrained by money, and there was only so much you could do within their budgets.  I constantly dreamed of being able to put my small clients on the same footing with the big boys so they could compete.

Then, a new trend started to emerge in IT, Cloud Computing.  I became involved with this during my work with the larger companies.  It was truly amazing.  Not because of the technology (it’s an actually an old idea wrapped in some new tech), but because of what it meant to small businesses.  Now, with the right partners and guidance, my clients could enjoy the same features, capabilities and competitive edge that my big employers enjoyed for so long because of their huge budgets.  As I sat daydreaming about cloud-based disaster recovery and VoIP, it hit me.  This is just like pole vaulting!  An ordinary small business (the athlete) can use a Vaulter cloud product/technology (vault pole) and with our training and guidance, use it to overcome their business problem/goal (the bar).  Without the cloud technology and the guidance, the business is a very fast athlete, but we help take them to that next level and allow them to do some really special things.  And using that mentality, and an absolute love for small businesses, I started Vaulter.

Vaulter isn’t just a company to me, it’s a paradigm shift. I am waging war against the idea that to be a competitive business in today’s economy, you have to spend enormous amounts of money on IT or have a closet full of servers.  You don’t, and we’ll show you how.

Danny Wheeler