Vaulter has a comprehensive line of Cloud Application and Services for your small business technology needs.  Our offerings are designed to elevate you and keep your business competitive!

  • Virtual Desktop

    Virtual Desktops are a great way to deliver a standard workspace to anywhere in the world on any device.  Want Windows 7 on your iPad?  No problem!

  • Email
    Email servers are hot, noisy and they require a lot of attention.  Let Vaulter take your email out of the closet, and into the cloud.  With hosted Exchange based email, we can deliver all the same features (in some cases many more…) that you are used to with an in house server, but reachable from anywhere and with no more upgrade and outage downtime!
  • Voice over IP

    Voice over Internet Protocol is the best way for your company to cut the cord from the big telecom providers, save money and get customized service that’s easily managed.   We know VoIP, and we love to see companies save money while getting a great feature set!

  • Document Storage and Sharing

    File servers are just a fried hard drive away from costing you a lot of money.  Get your documents into a secure cloud storage portal for increased productivity, security and archiving.